Ways to frame your favourite wedding day photos and mementos
16 February, 2022

Newlywed couples are often looking for creative ways to display their wedding photos and mementos in their home. We would like to share with you a few of our favourite ways to frame your wedding photos and other memorabilia.

wedding photo framing

A collage of your polaroid pictures

If you had a photo booth at your wedding, but don’t know how to feature your Polaroid pictures so they will look stylish and arty, we can help. We can arrange your Polaroids into a custom picture collage. Photo collages can transform your wall into a work of art! We can either scan and print them on one sheet or we can frame the polaroid pictures individually for you.

wedding photo framing

Many couples enjoy creating a gallery wall in their home with their wedding pictures. Gallery walls are a perfect way to display wedding photos. Gallery walls can be created in an entrance hall, up a stairwell, in your living room or bedroom. We can offer a free in-store consultancy where we can show previous installations and make recommendations that will suit your home and taste.

wedding photo framing

Box framing

If you want to incorporate wedding items in a framed display, including invitations, the program, or other wedding day keepsakes, we can create a wedding day box frame. A box frame is an enclosed display case with a glass front, and it is a great way to frame wedding day mementos.


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