How to decorate and personalise a child’s bedroom
2 February, 2022

When you start decorating your child’s bedroom, consider the following suggestions to make it a very warm and personal space.

  • Coordinate framing with bedroom furniture
    Keeping the frame colours complimentary to the bedroom colour scheme.
  • Get them organised with custom framing
    A good idea is to have us custom frame a whiteboard, chalkboard or corkboard for above their desk to keep track of projects and assignments or to be creative and draw.
  • Frame a map of the world
    Help your child study for geography with custom framed maps that match their desk colours.  You can also use a frame without glass mounted on a foam backing so they can add pins to the places they have been.
decorating your childs bedroom
  • Incorporate their favourite book or movie
    We have found that framing a poster of children’s favourite book, movie or hero can brighten and personalise the room.
decorating your childs bedroom
  • Frame sports souvenirs
    If your child is a sports fan think about preserving sports souvenirs by framing them in box frames. This is a great way to display, posters, ribbons, sporting equipment or jerseys. 
  • Frame family photos
    Create a happy room with framed photos of family members.
  • Frame your child’s art
    Nothing looks more beautiful than framed artworks done by your child, it inspires confidence when professionally framed.
decorating your childs bedroom


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