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A wide variety of images by our resident photographers taken in South Africa and overseas – who aim to capture the emotion and invoke feelings that transport you to a happy memory when viewed on a regular basis.


The Cow Artworks gallery was opened in Parkhurst in March 2004 as one of the first galleries in South Africa, specializing in black and white photography.

From the outset it has been instrumental in promoting photography’s value to the wider world and ensuring its position as one of our most significant art forms.

Graffiti & Glasses

Large-format prints of collages designed of photographs of street art taken all over the world. These are impactful with an element of fun to them, to brighten up and enhance any space.


The graffiti images were photographed all over the world. Street art is very transient (here today, gone tomorrow) making every collage a memory in history of unique value and expression.

Pfeiffer Doreen - GRF NYC BL
Wallpaper Example

Framing, Wallpaper, Vinyl & Mirrors

These products are available from our showroom in Parkhurst. We do custom framing with a wide selection of framing options. We can offer framed mirrors, custom printed wallpaper and vinyl for glass doors and windows.

Wallpaper can be printed of specific images - be it a city scape, beach scene or forest, turning a room into a unique space. Wallpaper is very effective in restaurants, creating an immediate impression.

Vinyl is the perfect medium to hide unsightly views from a window or to provide privacy from glass doors for offices and home.

Mirrors can create so much depth to a room and we are able to make up to specification from simple- to truly beautiful ornate frames.

Personal Photographs

We can edit, print and frame your personal photographs to create family / story walls. This offer is available from our Parkhurst showroom.


Creating a memory wall of family or travels can be a personalized art installation in a home or office.

We can advise on layout and style; and a wide range of framing options are available to choose from.

Family wall

Looking for a unique and exclusive piece to decorate your space?


What Clients Say

“Doreen has devoted her entire life to the quest of ‘Perfect Beauty’ through photography, and invites us to join her on this journey. It is for her passion and faith in beauty and her undying commitment to it and perfection in everything that she does that I do not hesitate to recommend her for any of your requirements in artworks, original photography, and framing. Thank you Doreen for always going the extra mile!”

Valdo Machine

Creative Design Executive, Olga’s Decor

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