Vogue elegance
25 July, 2022

We have decided to revisit the Vogue covers as an option to use for decorating in your home or office.

We find that timeless elegance never goes out of fashion and can beautify any space.

We have printed a selection of the Vogue covers and put them up on the gallery walls to show the effect that can be created by using these stylish prints and to make it more interesting, we have made a video for you to see how they can work throughout a home or office.

Vogue Magazine was founded in 1892 as a weekly publication for New York’s social elite, covering news of the local social scene, and etiquette as well as reviewing books, movies and plays. Years later it became a monthly magazine. The British Vogue was launched in 1916 – being the first international edition and as of today there are 26 international editions.

Vogue covers for artwall

We look forward to seeing you in the gallery where you can view all our new works.

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After 18 years in the IT industry, Doreen decided to surround herself on a daily basis by photography that she loves which led to the establishment of The Cow Artworks in 2004. In March 2006 she opened the gallery in Parkhurst and has thrived in this beautiful space. Her passion for travel affords her the opportunity to take photographs, particularly candid shots of street scenes, graffiti and architecture.