Get calm with all over blue
27 June, 2022

Blues are associated with relaxation and tranquillity. It is one of the most versatile and easy to use colours. With shades ranging from a rich navy blue to a comforting duck egg, there is one for every type of scheme and requirement.

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The safest, palest blue acts like a neutral and can be paired with wooden flooring and natural accessories for a balanced look. Using one colour on the walls, woodwork and furniture will create a calm sensation and make a room feel larger.

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Blue is one of the most versatile colours to use in the living room, and lends itself to a multitude of design styles. It spans a cooling spectrum, from pale sky blues that pair wonderfully with crisp whites, to plush green-toned peacock blues that work with velvet and brass, to deep inky grey blues that create moody and sophisticated design schemes.

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In colour psychology, blue represents stability, harmony, and peace. The ultimate shapeshifter, blues can be youthful and bright, they can conjure images of the Mediterranean, or provide a calming backdrop for moments of relaxation.

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‘Gone are the days when blues were seen as too cold to use,’ says Sarah Keady, House Beautiful’s Style and Interiors Director. ‘Dark, inky hues are now the go-to for communal areas like living rooms and kitchens – it’s cocooning but also wonderfully dramatic.’

A blue living room doesn’t necessarily mean wall-to-wall colour. You can use clever paint techniques to colour skirting boards and window frames, create an eye-catching blue gallery wall and introduce complementary shades of peachy pink or sunny yellow.

We hope you enjoy our examples of using photographs with blue tones!

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