The work of American photographer Slim Aarons
25 April, 2022

Slim Aarons was an American photographer who was well known for his images of socialites, jet-setters, aristocracy and celebrities.

Throughout his career he worked with magazines like Life, Holiday and Town & Country. He had a very simple approach – used no make-up artists or artificial lights, he let the natural opulence of the surroundings provide the desired light. The majority of his photographs were taken in the sun, in front of a pool surrounded by glamorous people and bathing beauties.

In his iconic photograph of “Poolside Gossip” Slim photographed Nelda Linsk, one of the two women featured, wearing bright yellow palazzo pants and a matching cropped blouse revealing her midriff. She lived in the Richard Neutra designed house for Edgar J Kaufmann, in front of which the photograph was taken. Palm Springs, January 1970.

Hotel du Cap by Slim Aarons

He was known to carry a single stainless-steel briefcase with a single Leica or Nikon cameral, his favourite lenses and a light meter. He had such confidence in his ability that he only carried enough Kodachrome film for the shoot.

Another iconic shot is his evocative shot of Hotel du Cap – Eden Roc in Antibes, France. Slim described this photograph as “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places”.

Hotel du Cap by Slim Aarons

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