New artist: Simphiwe Mlangeni
9 October, 2023

Simphiwe describes himself as the “new Soweto lost generation” referring to his mixed background and Soweto roots. Son to a father who was a sculptor and performed in a theatre, Simphiwe uses a diverse medium for his art, including sculpture, painting and print-making, as well as doing physical installations at art galleries and producing art-exhibit video clips. “Being an artist is a lifestyle”, he says, referring to his interest in various modes of self-expression.

Simphiwe Mlangeni at the Cow Artworks Gallery

Simphiwe in the Gallery

To him, Superblur is “something new”; it is “what comes out of inspiration”. He paints in monochrome and what distinguishes him is the use of black enamel paint instead of acrylic, which can be tricky to work with as it takes a long time to dry.

Two framed pictures with a blue hue hanging on a wall in smart lounge

Family features strongly in his work. He uses trees and a tap as metaphors to capture memories from his childhood of being brought up by his grandmother, who seems to exert a background to a memory, whilst he identifies himself with a tree being nourished from seed by water from the tap, which represents his grandmother.

He comes from a creative family, with a father who was a sculptor and theatre performer. His art is as diverse as his background. He works in a variety of mediums including printmaking, sculpture, and of course, painting. He believes that art is a lifestyle.

After 18 years in the IT industry, Doreen decided to surround herself on a daily basis by photography that she loves which led to the establishment of The Cow Artworks in 2004. In March 2006 she opened the gallery in Parkhurst and has thrived in this beautiful space. Her passion for travel affords her the opportunity to take photographs, particularly candid shots of street scenes, graffiti and architecture.