How to decorate your walls
18 November, 2020

A new home offers a blank canvas for decorating. After unpacking the boxes and putting the furniture in place, it is time to start filling up the empty space, hanging items on the walls and making sure the house looks like a home.

We transform walls with art

New Home Decorating Tips and Ideas:

Do not feel obligated to place all your old décor or picture frames in your new home

Now is the perfect time to start afresh and decorate your new house as you always wanted. But you do not need to throw out everything. Some of your favourite framed pictures or mirrors can be used as building blocks for decorating your new home.  We can reframe art or mirrors to match your new décor or give them a fresh new look. In the sad event that the glass was broken during transportation in a frame you loved, we also offer glass replacement to help the item look like new.

Plan Ahead

Before you start hanging your artwork, take the time to think about the direction you want for the look and style of your new home. What colour frames do you want in each room? Do you want multiple items on each wall or one statement piece?

Ask the experts for help

We can help you choose from hundreds of moulding options to create a new frame for your art or mirror that will fit your space perfectly in the style you are looking for. We can also find new works to go with your existing collection.

Focus on one room at a time

While it is good to have a general idea of what you want to do, attempting to decorate the whole house at once can be overwhelming. Focus on filling up the walls of one room at a time. This approach can also help ensure that everything matches and is consistent.

We pride ourselves at finding the perfect frames to complement whatever is being framed and treat every piece we frame as though it were a priceless piece of fine art. If it’s valuable to our client, it’s valuable to us.

This service is only available from our gallery in Parkhurst, Gauteng.

After 18 years in the IT industry, Doreen decided to surround herself on a daily basis by photography that she loves which led to the establishment of The Cow Artworks in 2004. In March 2006 she opened the gallery in Parkhurst and has thrived in this beautiful space. Her passion for travel affords her the opportunity to take photographs, particularly candid shots of street scenes, graffiti and architecture.