Colour of the year – Wild Wonder
3 January, 2023

We believe that the Dulux 2023 colour of the year will help us reconnect with nature.

Two Mr Brainwash prints of icons

Wild wonder is a soft gold with green undertones. It captures the wonders of the earth, inspires creativity and brings a sense of nature’s magic to our living and working spaces.

It is an upbeat glow and inspired by the warm tones of harvested crops. The beauty of this warm neutral hue is that it’s both a golden green and a warm yellowy gold, depending on the light it’s in.

A selection of black and white Parisian images can work in any space

We have read that spending time in green spaces can benefit both our mental and physical wellbeing and have a positive effect on our mood.

Dulux’s Colour of the Year forecast is now in its 20th year and trend experts (a team of architects, authors, cultural analysts, editors, designers, and technology innovators) predict that our behaviours in 2023 will focus on balancing life and prioritising mental and physical wellbeing, as we connect to nature in a bid to help us thrive.

GRF DS now available from The Cow Artworks

According to House Beautiful – Dulux has seen a dramatic shift towards neutral, natural colours over the last 20 years, and so it reaches a pinnacle this year with the 2023 Colour of the Year, that is inspired wholly by Mother Nature.

After 18 years in the IT industry, Doreen decided to surround herself on a daily basis by photography that she loves which led to the establishment of The Cow Artworks in 2004. In March 2006 she opened the gallery in Parkhurst and has thrived in this beautiful space. Her passion for travel affords her the opportunity to take photographs, particularly candid shots of street scenes, graffiti and architecture.